Boat Classes

(Yadira Betances photo)

The Great Stone Dam Classic welcomes all paddlers, and all seaworthy, paddle-powered canoes, kayaks, and SUPs.  Here are the race categories for each distance.  If you don't see a class that fits your needs, we'll make one for you.

Racing Course (8.6 miles):
  • Tandem Racing Canoe: Men, Women, and Mixed
  • Solo Racing Canoe: Open 
  • Solo Racing Kayak: Men, Women
  • Solo Touring Kayak: Men, Women
  • Tandem Kayak: Open
  • SUP: Men, Women
  • C-4 Canoe: Open
Tandem Racing Canoes comprise USCA 3x27 "Pro Boats" and 4x32 "Cruisers"
Solo Racing Canoes comprise USCA 4x32 "Cruisers" and NYMCRA C-1 Stock hulls
Racing Kayaks comprise solo Unlimited and ICF kayaks, and surfskis
Touring Kayaks comprise solo "fast touring" and sea kayaks
SUPs will include short (under 12'6") and long (over 12'6") standup paddleboards
C-4 Canoes will meet NYMCRA Stock C-4 specs

There is also an open "Super Stock" C-2 category for those who wish to compete in 4x32 Cruisers, Standard,  NYMCRA C-2 Stock, and 16% Recreational hulls.  So if you're paddling a pro boat, but have a Comp Cruiser laying about, lend it to a friend and encourage them to race!

Recreational Course (3.5 miles):
  • Tandem Recreational Canoe: Open
  • Solo Recreational Kayak: Men, Women
  • Tandem Recreational Kayak: Open
  • SUP: Men, Women
Recreational Canoes will comprise hulls who's width at the 4" waterline is at least 16% of the canoe's length, like Old Town Trippers and Penobscots or Wenonah Jensen 17s.  If you have a NYMCRA Stock canoe like a Wenonah Jensen 18, Minnesota II, or Savage River Susquehanna, consider entering the Racing class, but you're more than welcome to join us on the 3.5-mile course.
Recreational Kayaks will comprise any kayak paddled with a double blade except Unlimited, ICF, and Touring Kayaks, and surfskis.  If you aren't sure what kind of kayak you have, it probably fits this class!
SUPs will include all recreational paddleboards for this race distance

Youth and Junior/Senior Race (~1k):
Don't worry about boat classes - get in a boat and paddle!